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ISDN adaptor MP8(8)-MJ8(4)/8(4)


Product ID: 002.02.TK0005
Dimensions: 45-20-20 mm (Length - Height - Width)
Weight: 0.02 kg
Short description:
ISDN adaptor MP8(8)-MJ8(4)/8(4) for Cable Sharing ISDN/Telephone Cat.3
Description and details:

With the ISDN/Telephone T-adaptors structured wiring systems (Cat. 5) with star topology, which are already installed in many offices and buildings, can be used for setting up ISDN bus wiring. Laying new cables for an ISDN system is no longer necessary. Once the adaptors are removed then the star structure of all ports is restored.

The ISDN adaptors are available in three different versions for connection to the 19" Patch Panel and the wall outlets: the T-Bus-Ext. PP for the Patch Panel side, the T-Bus-Ext. Outlet for the socket side and the T-Bus Term with an integrated 100 Ω terminating resistor. In order to realise the parallel S0 bus the adaptors for the Patch Panel side are inserted into the panel ports and connected with each other using patch cable.

The ISDN Basic Access (NT) is connected to the first adaptor on the patch panel. If T-adaptors are also put into the outlets, the number of connection possibilities even doubles.

Performance characteristics

  • for conversion of a star network configurations to S0 bus structure for ISDN/Telephone
  • different types for complete configuration
  • connection cable 100 mm long with moulded connector
  • indication of the outputs by plug-in telephone symbols
  • label with wiring scheme underside of the housing
  • halogen-free plastic housing, grey

Manufacturer’s code: J00029A0004

Price: 5,10 €
VAT (23%): 1,17 €
Final price: 6,27

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